Concap Bomba - 25 ml

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A totally new formula that gives a new impetus to the known energy shots. Unlike other energy shots the CONCAP Bomba drinking ampoules provides an immediate and also long-lasting energy boost. This is distinguished from the other also due to the almost little or no side effects that one gets there from. The athletes who participated noticed the tests in the development in the competition, a remarkable performance improvement through. Suitable for both short in endurance sports, just use should then be adjusted.


For a short 90 minute workout or race one drink ampoules 5 to 10 minutes before it starts. Competite athletes can have 1 to 2 CONCAP extra boost capsules one hour prior to initiating use.

Sports to 3 hours, drink one ampoule after 1 hour activity. also combine two extra boost capsules a 45 minutes before departure if one strives for maximum results. Result guarantee.

Ingredients: Water, glucose syrup, fructose syrop, citric and ascorbic, natural and natural identical flavors, sucralose, sodium benzoate, potassium


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